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freemasons signs and mottos by FIVERA freemasons signs and mottos by FIVERA
I was doing a research on freemasons and i came to some realy interesting info.
anyways i was inspired to make these sigs.
so here is my contribution to "a system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols."
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extraterrestrialarts Featured By Owner Edited Jul 9, 2014  Professional General Artist
"Nothing More Beyond" reminds me of the MIB response, well basically its an enforcement where only the privileged or authorised is only allowed to access, and in the case, the symbol actually is an extraterrestrial one they stole used to describe avoiding contact with people particularly earth people of low consciousness.
menapia Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014
brilliant picture, here in Ireland Freemasonry was always associated with progressive politics and the republican ideal many of the members of the United Irishmen who organised the 1798 rebellion against the British Empire were masons
Razthor Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013
-the square and compass more than representing conquer, following the Freemasons idealism represent duty and moderation witch every member of the order must follow strictly

-the cross and the Crown belong represents to the highest rank of the York Rite, symbolizing the principles of Knighthood under the service of god and king, more like the theory of the 2 swords

-the third one is the Symbol of the Royal Arch, more selective than the first three degrees of masons, very few ever set foot inside this level of freemasonry, yet this is the Royal Arch of the the York Rite.

-and the last one is the Royal Arch in the Scottish rite, same characteristics but different teachings on them, making the difference with the Royal Arch of the York Rite.
Redneck-Werewolf Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2009
what gorgeous sings! im currently trying to apply 4 their teen and young adult program, the demolays
TheBeatDandy Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2009
thats cool! i think that you will really enjoy it.
Redneck-Werewolf Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2009
i cant wait to join! this one guy is supposed to get in touch w/ my parents so i hope i wont have to wait long!
TheBeatDandy Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2008
Christ was a mentor in the highest sense. perhaps the mentor of us all
Chyme12 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2009
Hi.......there is no ';perhaps' about it.
When Jesus said, "I am the light of the world" He meant exactly what He says! Only He could open the eyes of the blind......He would never 'hoodwink' anyone nor place a noose about their necks or threaten to slit their throats, cut out their tongues and bury them in the tide which ebbs and flows twice every 24 hours! I think this sounds more like satan, don't you?
No my friend, if you truly hunger and thirst after righteousness, then go straight to the fountain of life and you will be filled with the waters of ETERNAL LIFE! Even Jesus says to you this day,"Leave your nets and follow me!" Do not get entangled in the nets of this life.
Peter saw first hand, the wisdom and beauty of Jesus and declared, " To whom shall I go, YOU have the words of eternal life!"

May your eyes be truly opened. There are lesser lights to lead you ignorance and destruction.
Jesus says, "I am the way, the truth and the light!"
TheBeatDandy Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2009
Yes it is too bad that we cannot live in the constant glory of Christ, you just can’t, if you have ever been mad, stressed or frustrated then you are not living in Christ, but that’s what is great about him, you can always come back.
Now with that said, as I said above there are many other truths or lights, that do not lead to salvation, but are worthy, like mathematics, the natural, social, biological, and earth sciences, none of these have to do with Christ, but are imperative to the good of a civilization, especially one as large as ours. So does freemasonry lead to salvation? Once again, No. But that does not make it evil, in fact it is a facilitator of morality, justice, and tolerance, and thus can aid people in their spiritual journey back to the creator, which through our path is through the son. Freemasonry is simply beyond religion, much like our government, the law, the elks lodge, you grocery store etc.. It is nether good or evil.
The penalties you mention above come from the punishments carried out in England during the middle ages, and have nothing to do with Satin, Freemasonry’s language is so old that it is archaic, and unless you truly study with some degree of common sense you will get confused when you hear terms like worshipful master, worshipful lodge, and etc… (which is the old way of saying honorable by the way) Even Christ said that the violator of a Childs innocence should have a mill stone put around his neck and cast into the sea, or if your tong, hand, eye, etc.. Offends the Deity then pluck it out.
And I do not think that you, I or any other mortal is to Judge what is of Satin or not.
Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things.
Romans 2:1
Chyme12 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2009
I think you'll find my words were warning and admonition springing from concern. What you do is your lookout and of course,there's only one judge and only one worshipful Master!
The devil can spout morals and charitable deeds when it suits his modus operandi. Think it no strange thing that the devil transforms himself into an angel of light!

As far as the natural sciences are concerned,did you actually say 'these have nothing to do with Christ'? Yes, you did!
Nothing to do with the ONE who created them? Want to re-think that one?
Just look at what they have led the world into. E=Mc2....the mathematical formula that eventually made possible the nuclear nightmare in which we now find ourselves. Oppenheimer declaring, "I am become death, the destroyer of worlds!" cannot separate mathematics, biology or anything else from the spirit of Christ.......if you do, then it is corruption and eventually ultimate destruction.
If you are a true man, then you are a free man.....Jesus says, "Whom the Son sets free is free indeed"!
TheBeatDandy Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2009
“As far as the natural sciences are concerned,did you actually say 'these have nothing to do with Christ'? Yes, you did!”
My point was (and I think you missed it) is that the natural arts and sciences do not lead to salvation, just like the philosophy and sciences of freemasonry does not, but is not in contradiction to living in Christ.
“I think you'll find my words were warning and admonition springing from concern.”
Well it certainly does not spring from love, which we could both agree that love for God and others is Christ’s first commandment.
Your statements spring from an ignorance of the subject, and fear as a result, if you truly lived in the caritas that is Christ you would be above this conversation, but you let your own limited human intellect hold you in a bias and paradigms that are negative. If God is perfection and all positive your own criticisms must therefore have their roots in the old adversary.
“Think it no strange thing that the devil transforms himself into an angel of light!”
By the way Lucifer is a Latin concept and not a Hebrew one (Isaiah 14:12) [link] and Christ is called the morning star in revelation 2:28 22:16 [link] so there is really no such thing as Lucifer, now Satan on the other hand is a different matter.
Has that old accuser caused you to accuse?
“Just look at what they have led the world into. E=Mc2....the mathematical formula that eventually made possible the nuclear nightmare in which we now find ourselves.”
Are you kidding me? Are really saying that we should discontinue discovering, because I could name quite a few evil and repressive institutions that would agree with you.
“What you do is your lookout and of course,there's only one judge and only one worshipful Master!”
Once again no there is not. There are masters, and worshipful masters of carpentry, masons, gardeners etc… it is simply a statement indicating that a person has became an adept in a particular field, even worshipful mayors in Canada. And there are many judges in this world, if not appointed by our society than by someone else’s, all of which who serve and are not in conflict with the teachings of Christ, but hey if you want I could argue semantics all day.
TheBeatDandy Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2008
the Latin at the top with the square and compasses should go with the cross and crown, "in this sign we conquer" refers to the cross.
do you not believe that we teach a system of morality?
FIVERA Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2008
well i must correct u on that far as i know
it doesnt go with the cross it goes with the greek leters that are writen on it (Chrismon)
the original Greek, 'IHC' was derived from the Greek spelling of Jesus 'IHCOYC'. The letters were later translated into the latin form 'IHS'.
and its a motto of modern knight templar.
I have my reason for puting difrent mottoes on difrent signs.
and i put that one on purpose..and i will answer your question.
YES u DO teach a system of morality,but u also teach and learn many bad things as well.
the lodges trick people into joining by telling them lies about worshiping god but at the end it all ends up as pantheism which has nothing to do with the bible or kuran torah etc.
so if your question was do i like answer is this. NO
and only god knows what rituals u have been doing after becoming a master.
or should i say..only devil knows?
but it has no difrence to me..u cant touch one can.
i am christian orthodox and my faith is stronger than all the sects and cults together.
if u search for the truth u will find it by yourself ,u dont need fraternity or books to guide you.
or was it a fathers sin that u end up in it?
msg me in private and we will talk..
TheBeatDandy Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2008
i reference to "In hoc signo vincis" it is the official motto of the modern knights Templar. that is the resin for my statement.
pantheism is more of a philosophy and not necessarily a religion, neither one is encouraged or enforced within our lodges, we are NOT a religion, we are NOT here to save souls or offer salvation of any kind, and we have men from various philosophies and faiths with in our ranks.
i am a 32nd degree, i know what goes on after one becomes a master, and i can assure you that i have never once encountered something that conflicts with my christian faith,
why would we touch you? do you think that is something we would do, a group of gentlemen searching for light, taking time away from that pursuit just because you are slanderous. if any thing that is more insulting and dishonorable than the accusations you just made.
how could we be a cult or sect if we are not a religion?
the search for truth does require knowledge, knowledge in books and people (professors, mentors), the holy bible is a book, or the Pentateuch, Koran etc...
i think that you are confusing the light of Christ, with the light of knowledge, you can be a christian and be ignorant, or have a doctorin and be godless.
the reason we have such a reverence for god, and that our candidates must believe in a god, is that if one is religious and believes in punishment for sins, then they are more likely to be moral and honorable. other than that, just like in the separation of church and state we have a separation between, church and freemasonry
FIVERA Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2008
"just like in the separation of church and state we have a separation between, church and freemasonry"

I agree with that.
u do separate one with church and with god.

and if i understand corectly u are a member of scotish rite.
and personaly i dont c anything wrong in being a freemason except the fact that some of the worst people in history were motivated with some of the teachings.
Adolf hitler,Napoleon,Stalin and many many more.(offcourse u would deny that they were masons u prefer mentioning benjamin franklin and the "good felows")
as for the "i can assure you that i have never once encountered something that conflicts with my christian faith" part i will give u a hint..performing rituals of any sort is separation from true christianity.
and there is only one "worshipfull master" and that is GOD.
as for the truth the truth is only one and one does not need mentors to find it.
accepting god as a creator is a path to truth.
u cant be facing the god and the devil at the same time..u have to turn your back on one of them in order to face the other.
thank u for taking some time to coment on my work.
TheBeatDandy Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2008
Hitler and Stalin where both very much anti masonic, one of the things that Freemasons, Gypsy's, and the Jews, all have in common is that they were all rounded up and marched to the death camps. Freemasonry was underground in Russia until the fall of Communism. Napoleon was not a Freemason, his brother was, Napoleon was quoted as saying they are a silly bunch of old men, but the Catholics hate them and that keeps the church busy.
How is the performance of any ritual a deviation from Christianity? (not to mention Christianity is heavily ritualised) the performance of rituals predates Christianity, when you go to court, join the military, or have a new king, the red marches of Communism, these are all rituals and are not related to faith, your morning routine of "wake up, take a piss, and brush your teeth" is a morning ritual. it is something that you do on a repeated basis.
worshipful master is a title from middle english, and is semantics nothing more.
if we did not have mentors than how could the knowledge of Christianity survive past the death of Christ, no one would teach it.
And no there are many truths, if i do not pay my taxes i go to jail, that is the truth, and has nothing to do with Christianity or faith, the world is full of facts and truths.
if you do not question your faith than how do you know it is real, what if Islam was real and if you just heard of it you might have turned around and received salvation. the only way to know if your religion is strong and has validity is to compare it to others and if it can logically stand on its own. that is how i know i am a strong Christin i challenge it every day, and it still holds true. if you follow something blindly you run into problems like Nazi Germany or the Spanish inquisition.
for what it is worth your work is good
FIVERA Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2008
am not a catholic,and no man stands beetwen me and god.
hitler WAS a mason belonging to an order of red was TITO former president of my EX country yugoslavia and he was comunist so dont talk about stuff u are not so well informed of.

and please do not mix rituals with rutine.
anyways..maybe i know something u dont so there is no point in this conversation anymore.
i will not try to change your opinion but i will not let u change mine.
there is much more to freemasonry than its showed to people and u will agree with me on that.
people seam to fear what they dont know,but i seem to know many things and i stil fear them.
TheBeatDandy Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2008
Adolf Hitler was not a Freemason, if you can provide one shred of evidence, (IE,, what lodge he was initiated in) i would believe you. but there is no such evidence, there is however a great deal of proof that he persecuted and killed many Freemasons simply due to they belonging to the order, and this is well documented, I have been to the Holocaust museum in washing to DC and seen it for my self.
here is a link [link] showing Nazi anti masonic posters.
what is the difference between a ritual and a routine, the are both rehearsed preformed tasks to ensure a desired outcome, they are one in the same.
if you know something i do not, than please enlighten me, you have yet to demonstrate it, and i like all my brothers hunger for knowledge
extraterrestrialarts Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Professional General Artist
Saying Hitler was not a Mason is like saying Hitler did not have Jewish parents, and also saying that he was not funded by the Pope in his war effort. Freemasons are only the left cornerstone of the religio political elite hierarchy, where other religious institutions like the catholic church are the right cornerstone of the religio political elite authoritarian pyramid. Freemasons are the serfs of a higher organisation, a secret society secret from the known secret society. Freemasonary is enveloped in superstition and theism, and is often expressed in their rituals , where they look like helpless robots conforming to the establishment.
FIVERA Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2008
as i said..the path to truth needs no there is nothing i will show u.
it is up to you to search for it.
this conversation is over.
good bye.
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